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  1. Allow user created tutorials

    Allow users to submit their own tutorials and allow other users to vote on them. Good tutorials will (hopefully) end up with more votes so new users can easily tell which ones are good.

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    The response to this has be much higher than I had anticipated. Some of the other ideas on here, I knew would be popular. But this one is a surprise. There’s a lot of complexity in opening this kind of thing up, but it’s impossible to ignore all of the votes here. So I’ll be taking a look at the issues and trying to sort out the complex issue. Please continue voting for this if you like this idea (I don’t want to mess up the vote count because I responded).

    Lastly, if you’re interested in participating, either in the form of writing tutorials, or in the form of helping me decide what form this should appear in on the site, please get in touch with me, and I’ll start bouncing some ideas off of people.

    Keep in mind that even if everything gets sorted out, and I move forward…

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